Unending dream

I glance out of the garden gate

I see the world spin

In one last bliss

While the echoing bombs fall.


A tender sharp moment

A hand to grasp

A breath and a sigh,

but still we linger.


Minutes tick by like years

The world crumbles away

The open chasm cleaves the earth

And we look into nothingness.


One last glimpse of what was dear to me

One last memory of everything I knew

Until I fall and fall.

Into the nothingness.


Warmth consumes

Darkness envelopes

I don’t know where the light comes from

But it burns my eyelids

Everything is dark

When I open my eyes.


There’s nothing to hold on to

Nothing to see or grasp.

Just endless screams

And the huge blast

Of the bomb behind

And the bomb in front

Burning my face

Like a desert sun.


Everlasting destruction

Hell-fire spits out its tongues

Crumbling gates to Heaven and Hell

We’ll all soon be gone.


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