Chapter 1: Destruction

In the dark, no one hears you. In the dark, no one sees you. You are all alone, you are on your own. No hand extended to help you up from the ground, no soothing voices to guide you in the right direction, no friendly encouraging words to still the hot tears on your burning cheeks.

In the dark, no one can find you and no one can discover you. No one can heal the wounds but no one can inflict new ones upon you. You are safe with your pain, as the suffocating darkness envelops you, embraces you and chokes you.

In the dark, you become part of the black, thick air. It fills you up, takes away your memories, and lulls you into a dreamless slumber. It keeps you warm and cold, keeps you steady and keeps you breathing. Your body is numb and your thoughts are far away, although you are awake. Your eyelids flutter but you see nothing. You lie on your back, accepting the numbness, knowing that this is your only escape.

Voices from a distant reality reaches you, but the darkness distorts them, turns them into dull sounds, the deep, slow purring of a contented cat. It brushes your cheek and fades away again as the darkness shields you. Somewhere above you there is movement, a window to a different world, a mosaic displaying reality. But you are safe in the dark. The voices are calling you but the darkness sings you a lullaby, and you remain down there, in the dark, while your small body is tormented for hours and finally left alone among blood sheets.

Your eyes are open, but you don’t see the room you’re in. You only see the darkness around you, and you welcome it gladly. You love it, and it loves you. Your only friend. Your darkness.


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