One in a Million: Original Evil

– NSFW 18+ –

au: originally a short story for the appendix of Darklighter Chronicles, the first of the three One in a Million-stories

The event I’ll recount is nothing extraordinary. It’s not different or more remarkable than any of the others. It should be mentioned that it was an afternoon in the spring of 2001. Yes, the school bells had just rung out and quite a lot of students were going home. They went in groups, but few lonely lambs without a shepherd went by themselves. They’re the easiest because you don’t pay attention to their disappearance.

The usual seat was taken; there was an exquisite view over the menu, around the same as picking and choosing dishes in a restaurant. There were so many ways to perceive and view the best way to tackle the obstacles, but it never turned out to be exactly way you had imagined it. Perhaps because the most natural lay just in front of you without noticing it?

Already at a distance I could see her. Blond, pale and shy, heavy school bag and a less delicate dress than the rest of her class mates. It gave a refined impression on the setting if the snack stood out at the first glance. I had seen her before but only then I had kept myself at bay. Now I had the chance and I’d take it, no matter the cost.

Her course was straight and I had to stay my delight until it was time. The gravel grinded against her lacquer shoes as she slowly stopped in front of me to estimate whether I’d call her parents if she took the short cut instead of staying on the path. I rose slowly from the bench and turned towards her. She was full of awe; the vampiric seduction was not something to take lightly.

“Hi there, where are you going?” a kind smile was always the best way to get her under your wing.

“Home.” Insecure, hesitant tone.

“Really. And where might that be?”

She pointed to the bushes.

“You live in there?” Playful laughter.

She shook her head. “In the neighbourhood.”

“Ah, of course. Do you live with your mother and father?”

“Only my mommy.”

I took a step closer to her. She remained in place, curious, stubborn and perhaps too scared to move. “Where might your father be then?”

“Travels. He works far away.”

“That must be exciting. Don’t you get a lot of presents when he comes home then?”


Her eyes were dark and shy. She knew very well that she mustn’t talk to strangers, but here she was, ignited by something indescribable in her mind. Well, yes, I played a trick or two on her, but it was worth it.

“Do you know what the time is, love?” I stopped in front of her. She shook her head. “Do you know the hours of the clock?” She looked down, embarrassed.

”No.” This time she had to confess.

“Then I’d better teach you them.” I extended my hand, an indirect invitation. She looked disapproving at it.

“But… my teachers already do that.” She looked from the hand and up at me.

“Clearly not well enough. Come along.” This time it was a direct order for her to follow. The park was empty by now. We could as well have looked like a father trying to persuade her daughter to come home. She threw a fugitive glance around, perhaps she felt the thrill, the surge which everyone who had when they did something wrong. She ended up cautiously reaching out and taking my hand. Her fingers could barely reach around my thumb.

“Not too long or my mommy will start worry,” she said as I led her with me out of the park.

“Of course not. I live not far from here. You’ll be home soon.”

She bit her lip nervously and looked around again.

“How old are you, sweetie?”

“Six and a half,” she answered proudly.

“Wow, that’s a big girl.”

“Yea.” A smile adorned her lips. It didn’t take much.

“Shall I take your bag?” I asked friendly and she took my offer with a grateful smile as she pushed off the bag to let me carry it as we left the area.

Not far from there my black car was parked against the curb. It wasn’t the limousine, no, that would attract too much attention. It was newly lacquered, had tainted glass panes and hidden numbers. I wasn’t late on the back door forcing her inside with a last glance up and down the street. It was desolate and empty.

“Get in.”

She looked astonished at me as I followed her into the car and locked it with a central lock system. Perhaps she began to realize her mistake and the fear exuded from her as she saw that we were going nowhere. I threw the little bag on the passenger seat to get it out of my way before I pulled off my long, black leather coat, folded it carefully and put it atop of the bag to hide it if anyone ever got close enough to peek inside. Yet the area seemed peaceful enough; nobody would ever notice the slightest.

“What do you want?” a sob stuck in her throat and she gave a little moan. I had kept myself at bay way too long and felt it settle in, wild, uncontained and uncontrollable. I hushed her down.

“I just want to take a look at you, you’re such a sweet little girl, aren’t you?” the words were followed by a kind, wolfish grin. “Here, take of your jacket, it gets warm in here so quickly.”

She didn’t seem to obey right away so I had to force it rather roughly off her.

“Ouch, that hurts,” she whined as I grabbed her wrists and shoved them through the sleeves. Again I hushed her down and she drowned a sob as a tear streamed down her cheek.

“You’re not very nice! I wanna go home!”

The art was to keep the thrill up. The small accusations could cause anger and in some circumstances even more agitation and excitement. She was lucky that I was in a good mood and took it as a pleasure, a psychological boost, to the setting. As I undressed her she kept insisting on getting home but as she realized that I didn’t pay much attention to her words, she fell silent and only sat looking at me with tear-traced face and saw eyes.

I laid her down on the back seat with an arm under her to straddle her arms. She seemed hopeless enough for me to do a bit more, compared to last time I had visited the park. I unzipped my pants, enough for me to take her hand inside the lining. Her face blushed violently and she sobbed as if on the edge of vomiting. Half-hard as I already was I could feel her trembling fingers against my skin. Small sighs and moans escaped my lips, not enough for her to get uneasy. Not yet. I slacked my grip as she understood what this was all about. If she stopped, I agitated her to continue by stroking her hair and praise what she was doing.

When pleasure was building I pushed off her hand and forced the edge of the pants down below my hips. The half cool air in the car hit my skin. I guided her down with a hand behind her head, steadying her mouth as well as I could before I forced entry between her lips. This, she was less willing to perform. I could almost feel the warm tears hit my skin around her lips and drawing into her mouth along with the shaft. The small fingers tried desperately to beat, hit, claw and scratch at me to hurt me and make me stop; unfortunately she didn’t know that it only opened up to more pleasure to me. Her tongue resisted and thrashed at the sensitive skin, the lips tensed and the muscles in her throat threatened to make her vomit.

With one hand I held her head in place; the other had pushed up her dress around her hips and pulled down her stockings and underwear. The soft, sleek skin was enveloped by my hand where the fingers caressed it kindly before they slipped in to feel the warmth and the moisture. More moans, more sobs and the tears didn’t seem to stop.

Finally, I pulled away her head and pushed her up to lower myself upon her. It didn’t take more than few seconds before I had wrestled her legs apart and readied myself. In one thrust I broke through her, like opening a treasure and admiring the gold with a fugitive glance over the misdeed. I had feared that others had been there before me, but I was lucky and the tightness of the virgin was not to be mistaken.

She cried and tried to protect herself, but I held her in place. The little body had to twist and turn as the pressure built harder and harder in her. It wouldn’t be long until the bones broke under my weight. My hands groped over her, greedily, every inch of her was searched as I satisfied myself in her. It ended like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky as the warm liquid spilled into her like an explosion and ran out to stain the seat along with the red colour of her blood. At the very second, as a shrill cry rose from her throat, I bent down and planted my fangs in her soft neck. The flesh gave in and the blood streamed up to greet me. Senseless intoxication filled me as I felt her life seep out of her the more it filled me, delicious and sweet.

I let go of the dead body and watched it before I reached for a package of tissues in the glove compartment. Quickly, I removed the worst traces of the misdeed and put my clothes back into their proper place. I left her as she was while I unlocked the car and crawled outside. A fresh breeze hit my face and a ray of sun passed, shortly blinding me. I got in and drove away as I wondered how many more child corpses the ruins by the mansion could contain.


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