A note on illusions

This is how I want it to end, a spectacular showdown, magnificent as only Louis XIV could dream of in his vaguest moments of vanity. This is how it will end and I am glad; I will drown and swell as I marvel at the apocalypse of humankind. For there is no such thing as a deroute of decadence, and I, like the phoenix, will rise and be born again, when it comes to mind that I am innocent. That is the sole key to the illusion. Or rather the irony. The irony of illusion. For can an illusion really be an illusion? Is it not also a representation of our reality? It carries traits, although flawed, but some inch of reality is established in the expectation of illusion, a guidance to better days, a promise, a hope, which is vague in its consistence because it is not real.

Also the illusion, an illusion, any illusion, is made like a lie. Seeing through the looking glass, a frame, a window, a mirror reflecting yourself, but you are not yourself. You are in the world of illusions. An illusion cannot be flawed in itself. It is perfectly designed, an ever-evolving, immersive and from-reality-completely-derived construction bearing fiction in its wake, for all the world to see, depicting that which we most want to see. Or hear. An illusion is a metaphor for our ego. Our arrogance, that we will be able to look upon a self-made reality. Such as the case is with the new perception of the world, through the goggles of the digitalized world. So uncivilized, so unfocused. To believe that you can claim anything through a medium such as cyberspace, a virtually non-existent space filling the gap of useless time. A horn of thunder and fire, a place to throw away your soul to the dogs, the pack of which you are a part.

To all of you, is this really what you want? When you make facebook-profiles for your unborn baby, when you spend hour upon hour in a chat-room or on a forum, immersing into this state of hibernation as you become one with the hive-mind, created by your partners in crime; is this the future you want for your children, to exist in a non-existent cyberspace, mediated only through the recognizable graphical user interface?

Arrogant. To look away from the medium of your product is to look away or completely ignore the functionality of your achievement, and your life. You do not pass from existence to non-existence. Your life may be defined by your documents on a server, your blogs, your video-streams or the like, but to immerse, to become the medium, a non-material medium, this itself is betrayal to the life you were given. You are neither alive nor dead. You simply are not. You become that which is the perfect construction of reality, the mirror, your own reflection. You are not gone but neither are you there. You have ceased to exist and become something else. You are no longer real. You are living the illusion; you have become the illusion.


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