Stuff to think about

In the midst of the night, it all passed like a dark silhouette of a cloud against the moon. For it was nothing else. A fleeting thing, a grasp-less thing; a veil concealed within a veil. The night itself presented to me the most dignifying of promises: a new, splendid morning.

I’ve always accounted the night for being my day and opposite. Deconstruction by light and multi-plication by midnight. It all made sense in my small, fantasy-enhanced world of pre-requisites for a perfect night. Mornings were nothing to me. I got around the clock and woke up when called upon by the wings of darkness soaring across this small globe, a globe smaller than life itself. Because to me, we were life. There was no other definition of it, seeing that in the universe we were, so far, the only ones capable of self-reflection.

We, the living, were alive. And all the things we chose to put into our lives, alcohol, drugs, violence, decadence beyond measuring, were the elements of destruction. And these things were associated with destruction. So are we not all deconstructionists?

We deconstruct ourselves to put ourselves together into some kind of redeeming fashion, a porcelain doll, whose face oozes of beauty, but within is rotting like the molten garden of Eden in God’s backyard. And we pray and we wish and we seek help to get out of it, out of the rotting garden where maggots of greed and poisonous fumes and waters are consuming our souls.

But the trouble is that we chose a life like this. Our ancestors chose it for us, they dictated the customs that we should seek to follow by the Book, instead of choosing ourselves, what to do with our lives and what perspectives to have. In the end, we, ourselves, are the only ones to help us out of the rotting garden, and we, ourselves, are the only ones trying to remove the rotten fruit and establish filters to cleanse the water from its self-loathing pollution and integrity-absorbing poison.

Become one. Become the one. History has played its part, and in no other time than this has this many people been able to influence it, thanks to the scientific revolution.


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