Feel free to judge me,

To catch the scent of my defeat

In your nostrils

And bathe in the bliss

Of your victory.

But I will not yield or cry,

For the strength in me will never die,

And my sword is equal to your words.


Speak to me and I will fight you

Vanish and I will follow you

To annihilate your pitiful soul;

Dance and I will drag away the carpet underneath your feet.

I am the sinner and the saint

The flower in bloom at the rusty iron gate.

My blood will vaporize and suffocate you

My hands will take your body and rape it too.


I will stand by your bed and sing a lullaby,

And I will slaughter your kin

And watch you die.

I will bind and break your bones

I will wind up your limbs around red-hot, glowing stones

I will continue my crusade

Till my cup has been filled

And I will not mourn the souls I have killed.


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