Painful Unity

Love is supposed to hurt,

Love is supposed to be scary,



Love is miserable,

Like the family you didn’t choose,

Like the feelings you don’t want,

Like the images in your head,

Frisky, passionate;


Bloodties, boundaries,

Love knows no limits.

Love makes no exceptions

Love is cruel,



Love is frail


Like going to hell

And back again

Like watching a  movie

And feeling it all

Because you feel it too

You see it,

You project it,

Because it hurts too much

To feel

To know

To accept the fact

That you love,

That you break criminal boundaries

That you are weak and sorry

And angry and jealous

And loving

So ridiciulously much

So much it hurts

When you see the ones you love

When you hear them speak

Look them in the eye

See them sparkle of beauty

See their brightness

See the tears of happiness

And you know they’re your doing

And feel it in your bones.

You know it’s you,

That nobody else can feel

Exactly that way you do

When you’re with them

The ones you love

The one you really love

Family, friends, your lover.

You know

You’re the one

The Only One

Owned by love

Owned by emotions

Unaccounted for


Lover is lover

And lover is what you are;




But blissful,

Lovingly blissful.

When we become one

There is just one.


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