Friday the 13th

In the cruel winter of his memory

He could not recall

Nor hear

The sound of yelling


Echoing through

The thunder clouds.


All and utterly important men

Have a mind of their own

And live to tell

The tale of strength

But listen neither

To the baby’s crying

Or the moaning of women.


With a hive of a mind

Shattered across the world

The world has become

One dominant diamond

Perplexed with the

Total randomness

Searing through

The clouds.


But in the end the world

Spun to a halt

And stopped at the sound

Of a beating heart

Echoing further away

Than could possibly be imagined,

Letting their minds slip

And melt away.


Rhyming clorhydrate

Swimming in the ocean


A spell on the other side

Of redepmtion’s sea

Mourning the mother

With the baby lost

Mourning the noisy winter’s cost.


To the sky there came no clue

Only answers as to

What to do

But seeing the swelling ocean waves

Cast into oblivion

Which is hard to lose.


At the glossy spring

A veil across the sun

The moon forgotten

The cold winter gone

But still not tale to be heard

Seeing that

Without eyes

He has no limits.


The crow

A remarkable bird

Rides on and on in the midnight storm

Tailing streams of silver on its trace

With the echoing melody

Of eyes in its head

And gloating in its heart.


So in the end

On the mountain top

So far away

He could barely breathe

He looked away and listened for once

To the old crow’s crackling

And the stirred sea.


He lay down upon the beach as the waves washed upon the shore

He looked across to the sun and the moon and swore:

Insignificant, unimportant human,

Why have I wasted years on things that did not matter to me?

Why have I come so far yet never achieving my goals?

When I come back, I’ll kill and pillage the world

To make myself whole.


So in the last moments of his life

He thought

How utterly unimportant

He had become.

Reborn, he rethought

All the possibilities

That he could now give

A second chance

To become





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