Emo Kid

See me flash my needles

I’m up against the wall

I’m showered in a spotlight

Because I like it.


Attention is my main frame

Reaction is against the law

And I know precisely how to claim this

Because I’m no one at all.


Nobody likes me

Because of the scars on my wrist

Nobody understands me

Although they’re just like me.


I’m swallowed by a sense of confusion

I know the world fights me back.

I try to keep up the illusion

But instead I’m drifting off.


I can’t keep track on words, numbers or faces

Emotions are my sole concern

If something hurts, the pain has to be cut loose

Or else I’ll die in darkness.


Why doesn’t anyone understand me?

Why do they say “grow up and get a live”?

What have I done to deserve this shit?

Oh, I’m so sick of worries that I can’t exist!


I just wanna lay down and die,

I wanna disappear into the darkness forever

I wane and fade into nothingness,

I can hear them scream for me, but I don’t know what they say.


I understand no other language than that of emotions.

No wonder people are worried.

Please, please help me! I’m so lonely.

They say “grow up and get a life!”


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