Diamonds and Pearls

I have never thought

How this was going to end,

But now I know

How it will all be done.


A small red light will glow

On the eastern sky

Beyond the horizon.

There will be no dawn

Yet people will turn their eyes to the glow

Believing it to be the sun.

How wrong they were –

How wrong they are –

How sorry they’ll be.


In my palm is the world

In my hand is a candle.

The world is a ball of rubber,

The candle is lit with a bright flame.


I place the candle on a table

Covered by the tablecloth

The nighttime velvet blue

Scattered with diamonds and pearls

The stars of the human eyes.


Around me,

The room is darker than night

Surrounding me,

Are the shadows of death;

I’m indulging patience


I know.

I told myself to wait,

But this has gone beyond my reach of calm.

The continuous destruction of my life has

Brought an end to the

Good, ol’ sanity…


I will

Destroy every piece of human civilization

While they’re watching.

They must see their pathetic society ruined

Like a desolate field in a cold winter morning.

They shall cry bloody tears

While the fires burn their hair,

Their skin shall melt

While they watch their skyscrapers and industrial areas

Fall apart like cinders of ashes sailing on the warm winds

Borne up by the heat of the licking flames.

Their bodies shall be frozen into blocks of ice

While the oceans and seas wash over the lands

Consuming everything

Drowning everyone

Washing away their rotten filth

Along with cleansing the world from their

Festering, stinking, foul morality.


I want to

Watch as they cry their last prayers to a sinful god;

Hear their screams of agony

I will roast marshmallows over

Glows of their lifeless, burning corpses.


I want to

Smile at them

One last time

Before they die

Telling them that everything they ever did

Only made everything worse.


I want to

Make them regret being inhuman;

Smash their ideas of tolerance;

Make regret never truly understanding:

Make them  regret

They did not do as they knew

They were supposed to;

Hang them by their feet,

Make mice and rats gnaw at their open skulls;

Bats to bite their toes and suck their blood;

Inner demons to come out and smile at them;

Make them see:

The world was not their playground –

It was mine.


I want to

Heat the uranium in all the world’s power-plants and blow up the earth;

Watch the mushroom clouds rising in the distance, covering the already darkened sky;

Smell the fresh blood, the burning hair and the clothes

Feel the leaves of ashes blowing against my face,

Tickling like a cat’s whiskers.


I will

Make human life pointless and destruction into salvation;

Roll a dice for every man and woman who will die;

Decide their destiny while they’re still alive,

So that they may hear the judgment I make,

And shiver at the thought of the punishment

For their misconduct and unethical behavior.


The children I will care for

They are not yet corrupted.

I will give them a new world

A new life.


I will

Tell them what they must learn,

And I will pray that they will listen;

Show them the horror of the destruction;

Not show them faces of their loved ones,

But teach them

What will happen

If they fail…


I will

Bring down creatures of death

Upon what’s left of the world;

Watch the humans flee;

Throw meteors and atomic bombs

Into the foundations of the earth,

And watch it split

Bit by bit;

Watch the tidal waves wash over mountains

See the valleys becoming clefts filled with lava

See the mountains crumble

And the stars die.


And all the while

I’m holding the earth

In my palm

While the candle slowly dies

So does the glow

In the surface

Of every

Diamond and pearl.


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