Death and Resurrection

Suddenly the light was shining

It was too bright

How did it come to be like this?

I remembered it all completely

As if it was yesterday.


I had forgotten how to smile.

I had forgotten how to feel.

I was all lost in my sensitive worries

I was so full of regret that I couldn’t convince myself

That I had lived a life at all.


I was worried.

Worried, that I had changed too much,

That I had become fearless,

Cynical and cold.

A stuck-up hooker

With no regret in my heart.


I felt it, yet I was completely calm,

Because I knew this was the end.

He would swallow me whole,

Devour me like rain clouds devour sunlight.

I was certain I would die, but I didn’t.


He kept me alive somehow,

And through him,

I came to wield a power

Unknown to human kind.


A power so destructible that it would tear me apart.

I knew, that was why I chose him to take over.

To become me.


To show my face to the world and say:

“I was once somebody else, now I am different.”

In other peoples’ eyes it would seem fair,

It would be reasonable,

But would they really know?

The danger they put themselves in by just being in the same room as me?

The danger they unconsciously feel?


I could imagine.

They think they know me.

They think, it’s all just a game,

But deep down inside,

They know,

That something’s wrong,

And that something is not human.


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