Children’s Tales by Matthew Darklighter

Note: Children’s rhymes as imagined and told by my main character of my books.

Polly’s Dolly

Little Polly had a dolly

With a home beneath the stair

With a knife Denis dived

To cut off both head and hair


Caroline lay awake, looking at the stars

Suddenly a shadow came

And she woke with thousand scars


Little Adam on his swing

Heard Jim and Tom mocking him

Resolute, he began to sing:

“Tom’s father is fucking Jim.”

Learning a lesson

Darling Annie was in great despair

Past school the older boys would tug at her hair

One day she came home with a broad grin

Told her mother: “I never thought it’d be fun to kill.”

Reversed roles

Teacher Charlie awoke in pain

Hanging from a ceiling bound by a chain

In came little Lotte with a knife in her hand

“Now we’ll see who’s the greatest man.”

“Stop!” cried Charlie. “What do you want?”

“You should tell the boys not to mock or taunt,

Instead you do the worst thing yourself –

I saw the pictures of little girls behind your bookshelf.”

“Lotte there’s no need for this, be a good girl and take me down.”

“I can’t remember, did Lucy wear a blue or green night gown…”

“Lotte, I’m going, I’m moving down south-“

No more he said and was found with his testicles in his mouth.

The Visitor

At night he comes and tells her tales

She imagines the world behind her bed veils,

Tales of a wonderful place

Where she’s clad in silk and silver lace.

But sadly one day Lily lay alone

And no beautiful pictures in her head were shown,

Cuz’ they had turned dark, cold and sinister,

Now that her father told stories to her sister.

One night she stood up and walked into her sister’s room

There she found their naked bodies in the nightly gloom.

With a slash and a hack the blade sang shrilly

And put an end to the tales and to Lily.

A stroll

Pretty, little Nina went skipping on the bay

She’d told her mother she wouldn’t run away

All she wanted was a glance at the sea

While whistling  a tune, her own melody.

Along the shore she took a stroll

Under her arm hang her pretty doll

Suddenly a shadow fell over her golden top

And shivering cold she had to stop.

A short sentence, she heard, lasting few heart beats:

“Hey, my friend, do you like chocolate and sweets?”

Nina couldn’t even make the shortest of replies,

Strong hands had grabbed her

A black bond was put across her eyes.


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