An Uninvited Guest

A beast from ancient times

Crawling beneath my skin

Teasing my ears

Deafening chimes

Making my mind fragile and thin


I am at a restless peace

Heart hammers every heartbeat

Ribs slammed against the seat

Somehow my consciousness seem to cheat


Imprisoned again

On this tiny hint of accusation

I never wanted to end up in pain

But seemingly

By being

Somebody else

I’m the victim of being a creation


Setting everything up against you

Biding my time through

I want to escape as the only thing I can do

But I am chained here

Like a child in zoo.


Releasing my scream

My flesh is rotten and smouldering

Your moist moans stain the sounds around me

I seem forgotten and dying.


There is no such a crime as incest,

A thing no mind can digest;

A murder on a soul who wants to find rest

But lust has given us

An uninvited guest.


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