All the Small Things

I dreamed of you last night

I saw you again as I

Once saw you

in the light.


I’ve gone crazy

I’ve wanted you to know

For a long time I’ve

Been searching for a second

To tell you ‘bout it

I’ve wanted to tell you again.

Two years have passed us,

Since we made up our minds

I’ve gone crazy,

Cuz’ you’re so hard to find.


I’ll tell you everything

I’ll tell you over and over again

I’ll mention all happenings

And most of all I’ll tell you


Of all the small things

Of all the painful stings

Of all the time I’ve spend with you

Of all the time I was loving you

Of all the small things you seem to do.


I know I’m not right

I seem to see the truth

I’ve wanted you to be in the light

As I once thought you’d move

Sinking into insanity

Breaking lines of poetry

And I wouldn’t let myself

Get into trouble again,

I’ve gone crazy

One time too many to tell you


If love is a part of insanity

I’ll be as sane as I can be

I trust you to know

All the small things you did to me

All the small things that lingers on within me.


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