Abacada 2.0


Go forth and back

Till your eyes split right open

Grinning wide

Conquering me

With your three gentle sighs.


Allows me to crack up

Until I reach the pinnacle

I swallow what I can

In your aura of unnatural happiness

And I merely smile

Of that I am sure,

Constantly overthrowing myself

With several unconscious words

Of love and life.


My sin in life

Is to see your despair and misery,

And smile myself.

Think about it.


Should I give you a hug?

Should I release you from

A prison of dark thoughts

I cannot see or read in your eyes?

Shall I wipe away tears,

Emerging in your eyes?


Deliver me to heaven in a fair judgement,

For I must comfort a sad soul.

My friend, forgive me,

Is there anything I can do?


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