Abacada 1.0

Go forth and back

Till your arms split right open,

Can’t decipher what to pretend

Or how to pretend i am lost in a world

Full of sins, so condemned,

I vanish into thin evaporation

Of old memories in a lost world.


Small and smouldering I give my life

To a new dawn which I beg

For mercy with my damned soul

And pity for all my crimes.


Sky, help me,

Victims, tear me apart,

Stars, shine on me,

Darkness, take that which is lost!


For I am nothing but a soul within a soul

One among others,

Likeminded bound to me,

I want to guide their footsteps into light,

But where is the lamp I need?


Cold, chilly snow rise from the ground,

Washing my stained face and bellows:

‘Hear ye, my darling prince,

I am the King of Ice!

I live in your heart where your love has died,

There can be no light in winter-tide!’


Shivering like a leaf

I descended the stairs

And found what I sought for so many years:

A gateway out of a shell.


Love for unnatural things,

Powers of earth and man,

I gave in to the wonders of the world,

And savoured life with my two-metre wingspan.


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